Festival of new film and video ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO 2007 took place in Students’ City Cultural Center (SCCC), from December 5 to 9,

in organization of Academic Film Center of SCCC.


Competitive program – international selection. Out of 360 applications from all over the world, the Selection Committee has selected 67 works

from 22 countries, and the Jury of the festival composed of: Ingrid Skovgaard, Tim Shore and Slobodan Šijan has selected the List of significant

achievments of the festival.


Video installations and interactive new media projects has been also submitted by the open concurse of the festival, and out of those applications,

Jelena Spaić and Aleksandra Sekulić have selected the works for the exhibition of the festival ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO – Associations.

The selected works: Irena Škorić: ON/OFF,Croatia; Projectsinge: Monkey_Party, France; Galina Myznikova, Sergey Provorov:

Three Sisters, Russia.



The subject of this year’s Round Table of the festival was Associations and the participants in the discussion were numerous theorists and

authors from Serbia, region and Europe: Fast Video, Copenhagen (Ingrid Skovgaard, Eva Koch); Protok,

Banja Luka (Nenad Malešević); Lokomotiva, Skopje (Violeta Kačakova); Free Cinema Seven, London (Matthew Noel-Todd);

Kino Klub Split (Igor Lušić, Sunčica Fradelić); Kosmoplovci, Belgrade; Aleksandar Muharemović, Osijek,

Bettina Furstenberg, Copenhagen; Dušan Grlja, Prelom kolektiv, Belgrade; moderator: Aleksandra Sekulić, AFC.

Second day of Round table discussion was moderated by Selection committee members, and the competitive

program of the festival was discussed by the Jury members, authors and guests of the festival.


This year, festival had a great respponse not only by the concurse applications, but also attendance of the authors and guests.

Thanks to them, this year, ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO festival can be proud to say that it was really international. Our thanks goes to:


Fast Video, Denmark: Ingrid Skovgaard, Eva Koch


Tim Shore, awarded for his film Cabinet on the last year’s festival and his producer Garry Thomas, London


Antonio G. Lauer (a.k.a. Tom Gotovac, member of the Jury on Alternative film/video 2006 and author of the film “Salt Peanuts – Hot Klab of Frans”

screened in the special program


Slobodan Šijan (director of the famous Serbian feature films, but also author of experimental films and publisher of Filmski letak magazine in 1970’s )


Ron Sluik, video artist and curator, member of the Jury on Alternative film/video 2005)


Sebastien Cros, film maker form France member of L’Etna association from Paris, member of the Jury on Alternative film/video 2006. )


Igor Lušić i Sunčica Fradelić, Kino klub Split, Croatia


Tomaž Pavković, autor filma “Alternativni film”, Luksuz, Krško, Slovenija


Matthew Noel-Tod, Free Cinema Seven, Great Britain


Violeta Kačakova, Lokomotiva, Skopje, FYRM


Zorica Tomanović,  author of the film “25 – 1”, Podgorica, Montenegro


Ioakim Forsgren, author of the film “The Future Is Ours”, Sweden


Sandra Isacsson, author of the film “Girls Inferno”, Sweden


John Canciani, author of the film “Tokyo Rock’n’Roll”, Switzerland


Frederik Solberg, author of the film “Back with the nerds”, Denmark


Heli Sorjonen, author of the film “Slow Down”, Finland


Blake Carington, author of the film “Sky and Wires- At Home and Homeless”, USA


Bettina Furstenberg, author of the film „Turning Point“, Denmark


Christos Massalas, author of the film „Landscape of the Last Encounter”, Greece


Mahmood Soliman, author of the film “Red and Blue”, Egypt


Tine Beyer, author of the film “Model Consumer”, Denmark

Jerome Blanquet, projectsinge, France