Alternative Film/Video 2009
9 – 13 december 2009

Festival of New Film and Video

Official decisions of the jury at Alternative Film/Video 2009 Festival
On Sunday of 13th of December in a Great venue of Student’s City Cultural Center from 21h were presented awarded films of this year edition Alternative Film/Video 2009 Festival. International jury with Beatrice Sacha Kobow (Germany), Hrvoje Turkovic (Croatia), Pavle Levi (Srbija) i Jurij Meden (Slovenia) has decided to put on the “List of significant achievements” following films:

  1. LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, author Zoran Tairovic (Serbia)
  2. FERMENT, author Ioann Maria (Poland/Great Britain)
  3. GRINJI KROKII, author Mane Zuđelovic (Montenegro/Serbia)
  4. GRITO, author Andreas Denegri (Argentina)
  5. NIGHT MARE, author Philippe Rouy (France)
  6. NOVEMBER, author Boris Greiner (Croatia)
  7. SHELTER, author Igor Simić (Serbia)
  8. SCREEN 1-2, author Kraner Kaja (Slovenia)
  9. WAITING, author Gjorgje Jovanovik (Macedonia)

The award given to the selected authors is the right to realize a new film/video produced by the Academic Film Centre (AFC) with full use of all production facilities and technical equipment. The authors will be provided with accommodation and restaurant service within the Students’ City compound for a period of maximum 1 month.
Jury has also assigned memorial award “Ivan Kaljevic” (in a memory of early deceased member of Academic cine club, who was author of alternative and avant-garde films) to the film “Little Red Riding Hood” by Zoran Tairovic (Serbia).