ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO 2018 will take place from 12-16 December at Students’ City Cultural Center in Belgrade.

ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO 2018 invites artists from around the world, including the region and Serbia, to submit their film and video works for the competition section of ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO on the theme COLLECTIVism.

Selection committee, according to the Festival regulations, will choose films and videos for competition.

The festival jury will decide on the List of Significant Achievements, to include no more than five works, which will come with the opportunity for a residency in the following year at the Academic Film Center of Students’ City Cultural Center in Belgrade. The festival features an extensive five-day program, audio-visual performances and multimedia exhibitions, thematic, retrospective, and monographic programs, discussions with artists, workshops and panels.

DEADLINE: 1 August 2018.

ONLINE SUBMISSION:Guidelines for submissions are at page application form