Festival novog filma i videa / Festival of New Film and Video


Dom kulture „Studentski grad“ / „Student`s City“ Cultural Center

Akademski filmski centar  / Akademic Film Center

5 – 9. 12. 2012.

List of Important Cinematic Works of the Festival

The Festival Jury Members, comprised of professor Vlada Petrić, Jovan Jovanović and Sava Trifković (Serbia), have included the following films onto the List of Important Cinematic Works of the Festival (cited in alphabetical order):

Conference notes on film 05, Norbert Pfaffenbichler, Austria
Gradually, Benjamin Ramirez Pérez, Germany
Infinity, Milan Zulić, Serbia
Miss Candace Hilligoss’ Flickering Halo, Fabio Scacchioli & Vincenzo Core, Italy
Od do/ From To, Miranda Herceg, Croatia
Pigs, Konstantina Kotzamani, Greece
Square Dance Hypnotist/Hipnotički kvadratni ples, Allan Brown, Canada
The Swimmer, Salise Hughes, USA
Tudor Village: A One Shot Deal/Selo Tudor: Kadrirana pogodba, Rhayne Vermette, Canada

The Ivan Kaljević Prize

In a memory of the early departed author of avant-garde and alternative films Ivan Kaljevic the award goes to the film:

Was nicht in die Suppe kommt, geht ins Klo/Šta ne staviš u supu, otići će niz wc šolju/What You Don’t Put Into the Soup Goes Down the Loo, Kirsten Burger & Laura Vogel, Switzerland

30th anniversary of the Alternative film/video festival



ALTERNATIVE FILM / VIDEO, Festival of New Film and Video, formerly Yugoslavian, then the ex-Yugoslavian and now a regional and international, launched in 1982 with the idea to "theoretically define the movement and to show the true values and new creative possibilities in the field of alternative film (experimental, research, avant-garde, personal film ...)", was extended in 1985 to the video art with a clear idea that these two media, so different at the time, have a future together.

Interrupted by the war in Yugoslavia in the early nineties of the last century, rebuilt in 2003. establishing broken ties and continuing to be a link among the creators of the ex-Yugoslav space.

Bringing the region into the European and global integration processes are inevitably led to the extension of the Festival. Today, an international festival with a focus on the region, Alternative continue its mission of encouraging and evaluating alternative film thinking, uncompromise supporting innovative and unbound audio-visual language of the new digital media.

30 years since the founding of the festival in Serbia and elsewhere, the movie stops producing and projecting on film tape. Is the digital future of film have an impact on the aesthetics and social significance of alternative film and film in general, and what is his future – are questions that will be addressed through a series of exhibitions, forums, round tables, workshops, film and digital projection.

            Miodrag Milošević


The award given to the selected authors is the right to realize a new film/video produced by the Academic Film Centre (AFC) with full use of all production facilities and technical equipment. The authors will be provided with accommodation and restaurant service within the Students’ City compound for a period of maximum 1 month.